Covid Policy

The organisers of BiCamp will endeavour to keep all campers, camp staff and volunteers safer as we move into a post-COVID world. Whilst no longer dominating the news cycle, the risk of COVID-19 being transmitted remains, and all attendees are responsible for following guidelines and taking sensible precautions to keep themselves and others safer. Even if all guidance is followed, BiCamp cannot accept any responsibility for illness.

Any scientific, government or other legal advice will be followed and will supersede any BiCamp planned precautions. 

Whilst we no longer require negative LFTs to be provided as a condition of entry to camp, we expect anyone that is feeling or displaying signs or symptoms that could point to a COVID related illness to stay at home. Remember: whilst for many of those that have been vaccinated, COVID may only present a mild illness, it is still a clear and present danger to those that cannot be or are immunocompromised. 

All attendees are expected to be vaccinated. Attendees who have medical exemption from vaccines are exempt from this (this exemption can be due to mental health as well as physical, if you’re unsure feel free to contact us) Risk to those unable to be vaccinated should be low because everyone else is vaccinated. 

Where possible, activities will take place out of doors where transmission is negligible. Indoor spaces will be ventilated. 

Social distancing is encouraged where appropriate. More vulnerable people who wish to socially distance more thoroughly will signal this and all attendees are expected to respect people’s wishes. This goes hand in hand with our expectation that all attendees gain explicit consent before initiating physical contact with other attendees. 

PPE including face masks, hand sanitiser, surface cleaning equipment and gloves will be made available.

Regular cleaning of commonly touched surfaces and emptying of indoor bins will be undertaken. Attendees are expected to keep toilets and sinks clean. All attendees who are able to contribute to this additional cleaning are expected to help out. 

Any behaviour that puts others at risk should be reported to the organisers, who will take appropriate action. 

If common sense precautions are adhered to by all, we should limit the risk of transmitting COVID or other infections, making BiCamp a safer way for our community to socialise.