Practical Site Information and Rules

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We regret to inform you that there will be some Native American imagery at camp that is offensive and inappropriate. The scouting movement, of which Kinver belongs to, was formed with high levels of this kind of cultural appropriation. The Kinver staff have taken a lot of the inappropriate imagery away, and we cover what remains, but some of the outside structures are impossible to cover. We apologise for this imagery and encourage discussion amongst campers about this issue. We are offering anti-racism training at camp, which we encourage all white campers to attend, and this will provide a formal opportunity to discuss issues within the community and the venue. 


The Duty warden may allow your vehicle past the car park onto the camping areas for unloading or loading. However it is their decision and you should be reminded that in some circumstances the answer will be ‘no’, please do not challenge that decision. Trolleys are provided for kit to be transported and we will have runners to help you wherever possible.

Any vehicles that are allowed onto site are reminded that their insurance ends at the cattle-grid, due to it being “off-road”, therefore driving onto the site is taken at your own risk and liability.

Drivers are reminded to use their hazard warning lights and travel at speeds of 5mph or slower.

All accidents must be reported to the Warden or a member of the Service Team.


The site has a quantity of altar fires available for campers - these should be used on non-grassed areas or at the edge of grassed areas only. Ground fires are not allowed. 


Are only to be used on designated chopping areas and must not be taken off your site. The use of chainsaws is strictly forbidden.


Groups should bring with them (& make available to everyone on their site) suitable & sufficient fire safety equipment that is felt necessary for the type of camp & number of participants.


If you bring and use a pen knife for whittling wood, make sure you are cutting away from the body.


Campers are encouraged to burn all of their rubbish that can’t be recycled. However there are 3 green bins by the main gate. No hot ashes. All ashes to be put in the ring under the campfire shelter before returning your altar fire. Please do not leave waste in your tent unattended, the squirrels on site are opportunists.


Above ground types only permitted - No holes to be dug or turf to be cut.


Your site will be inspected before departure, please leave the site as you would wish to find it. All unused wood must be returned to the woodpile and any altar fires to the designated area. BiCamp is a “Leave No Trace” event. We are hiring this venue, and we want to be able to come back! At the beginning of BiCamp we will be handing out recycling bags.


Please report any maintenance issues to the warden directly, the BiCamp team can only pass it on. 

We hope you have a wonderful stay with us at BiCamp and let the fun begin!